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Joying Radio no sound - SOLVED

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    Joying Radio no sound - SOLVED

    Hi guys, sorry for the English, but I don't speak very good Bulgarian.

    I live in Sofia and have an Abarth which I'm trying to install an aftermarket radio in. Can anyone recommend me a car shop or a car technician that can help with the installation? I got all the parts needed. I just need someone who can help with the wiring.

    Thanks in advance!


    Although you have posted the topic in the right section at all, due to the language rules I moved it to the International section.
    Forwarding is set for 1 week.


    You just need help to do it by yourself, or you need anyone to do it for you?

    I think we can help if you visit the weekly meetings in Sofia on Sunday at noon. Ask for further details.


      I'm trying to replace the head unit and add some other stuff (reverse camera, hidden antenna, etc.) on my own, but am blocked by now having sound coming out of the speakers. I just need someone to help me get over this hurdle, and then I'd continue the rest on my own. I don't mind paying for the help, but I love doing these type of projects, so I'm looking for someone who can have a look and give a little hand.

      I didn't know you guys have a weekly gathering and I would love joining it regardless.


        Well, follow the link below:


        This map shows exacty the place where we gather each Sunday at noon. If you have a GPS-unit, use it to find the spot, got to be quite easy.

        Until then, can you provide some additional information:

        - what is your car, make, model
        - what is the make and model of your new head unit
        - any pictures of the unit or technical data, user/service manual
        - picture of the cable harness available (inc. both on the car side and on the unit side)

        As you describe it, I consider it is not just plug-and-play because of the different type of connectors used and some testing and soldering might be needed?


          Thanks for the link. Will try and get there this weekend, if I'm around.

          Regarding the info, I think it's a bit irrelevant to post it here as no one can really diagnose an issue over the internet. That said, the car has a simple ISO harness with 2 connectors of 8 pins. Connector A has 4 wires, while Connector B has 8 (for the 4 speaker channels).

          My car is a 595 Abarth, and I got a special harness that is meant to translate the Fiat wiring to a "universal" one (which fits my radio - Joying, as I wrote in the title).

          Here's my car's pinout:
          (Note that only GND, UB, AUT. ANT. CAN A and CAN B actually have pins on the original ISO harness, and that the original radio works perfectly fine without Connector C being connected at all.)

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Fiat radio back.jpg
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          Here's the Joying's pinout:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Fait new radio pinout.jpg
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          And here is the harness I bought: http://www.connects2.co.uk/Product/P...tem/CTSFA004.2

          The unit powers on fine, and I even have the steering wheel buttons working. I'm not aware of any amplifier being installed in the car from the factory, but the current running assumption (including that of the harness makers - Connect2) is that there is one and it's not getting the "power signal" from the new unit. Since connector B is entirely for the speakers, that leaves us with the 4 wires on Connector A, but that's as far as I managed to get.


            At first sight, the problem seems to be quite easy to manage: on the OEM power connector (car's side connector A) there is missing line, #7. It is marked as "NOT CONNECTED", but the new unit needs "switched +12 V (15)" on that line. Thus it senses the ignition key is on.

            The easiest way to solve this is to connect pins #7 and #4 (#4 is U-batt.) on the corresponding wires on the connector you bought.

            See attached picture.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Fiat radio back.jpg
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            Hope that helps.

            Attention: by doing this, there is a big chance to come accross another issue: the power draw with the ignition key OFF may be too much (0.100 - 0.500 A or more) and the battery may run out of charge too soon, in just less than a week. This is a bad scenario for you. You must measure the draw with an amperemeter tool and it must not exceed 0.050 - 0.060 A.

            Edit: See the attached picture

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.png
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              Wow, that's a very well-prepared response. Thank you very much!

              However... The issue with the unit is not the power, from what I can see. It's powering just fine with Bluetooth, WiFi, Radio and everything else "working". I mentioned earlier that I'm using an adapter harness from Connect2, and this one is actually providing the unit with the switched power that you are referring to.


              Here's a photo of it:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	ctsfa004.jpg
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              There's also a manual for the "black box" that is the steering wheel adapter, but I don't think it should have any impact on the audio: https://www.akustika.ee/juhendid/UNI-SWC.2.pdf


                I'm sorry, I didn't catch the problem obviously. Please excuse me.

                So, you power on the radio, it lights up, seems to be working fine, but no sound whatever the source (radio, SD card, AUX IN...)?

                You may need to test the adapter with a multi-meter/ohm-meter for a broken line, but this would be very unusual. Consider a defective unit out-of-the-box, also.

                I cannot help anymore until I see it on my own. Due to some family reasons I will not visit the weekly meeting on Aug 12 and I don't know if anybody else can help you there. May be we can arrange a meeting on Monday or Tuesday evening, Aug 13-14, so I can see it and try to help. You buy the coffee.


                  No worries man. You're helping more than you know.

                  So yeah, the issue is that no audio is playing over the speakers. Not even the "clicks" of the unit's interface.

                  If you're free on Monday eve., that would be perfect! Just say when and where. I was thinking of a few drinks, but if coffee is all you need, I'll get you a double.


                    Can you provide the exact model of the unit? Is there any chanse for the sound being disabled at all by mistake?


                      Exact model of the new unit? It's JY-UOS01P4.

                      And I wish it was something stupid like a setting in the radio, but I went through them all (and spoke to the manufacturer) and there's nothing that would make it not output a sound.


                        Just to update that I managed to get it working. Partially, anyways. I have audio coming out when playing the Radio, but not when other apps are outputting audio (like Waze or Spotify). Am taking this with the manufacturer, so hopefully it's fixable.


                          Just glad to hear that! I'm sorry I was unavailable the latest days. Think it is something wrong with the OS itself. If you solve the whole problem, please leave a feedback so it would be of use for anyone else.

                          Invitation for our weekly meetings still active. Feel free to post a reply to this topic:



                            Another update... I managed to get it full working! Turns out the head unit was passing power to the ANT. CONT. wire only when the Radio app was outputting audio. Once another app was trying to send audio, it would kill the power to this wire, which would then make the car kill the power to the speakers (amp). I hot-wired the AMP. CONT. wire from the head unit to the harness' ANT. CONT. wire (along with the already connect head unit's ANT. CONT. wire) and set the head unit's "AMP ON/OFF" setting to ON, and viola... As long as the head unit is on, the speakers are getting audio. Hopefully, connecting both the AMP and ANT wires to the same wire on the harness won't do any damage in the long term.


                              That's great. I think you should buy the coffee. You would never solve it without my help

                              I'll change the headline to "solved" and once again - feel free to join our weekly meetings, it would be a pleasure to meet. Greetings.